Exploring The Beaches

It is hard to keep Californians away from the beach. With a nearly 840 miles long coastline, there are no less than 420 beaches in the Golden State. There are all sorts of beaches, from sandy to rocky. Everyone loves sunny beaches, but there are some beaches in California with foggy weather conditions as well. There are some very crowded beaches, but there are also beaches where you can enjoy your privacy. It is hard to talk in terms of California’s best beaches, as any such list is going to be a subjective one. If you are fond of exploring the beaches, here are the top 5 beaches in California for you. 

La Jolla Beach

San Diego has many beaches, and La Jolla Shores is certainly the best of them. It is the favorite beach of surfers who can explore it riding a kayak or a paddleboard. It is a mile long beach with golden sand. It is jam-packed with people most of the time as it offers gentle waves and perfect opportunities for sunbathing and picnicking. La Jolla Beach is located just in Kellogg Park, with large grassy areas for recreation and sports. 

Santa Monica State Beach

This beach is extremely popular among beachgoers. It is a 3.5-mile long beach with sand spread over 245 acres of land. You will get breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains from Santa Monica Pier on the beach that is crowded all the time. There are several beach volleyball courts on the beach, and you also find high-quality beach cafes.… Click Here