Finding Cool Places To Walk

Walking is an exercise that has so many health benefits that it is hard to believe. Yet, most people hardly walk more than a few steps as they have a busy schedule and use an automobile to cover distances. I love walking and try to discover places where walking is pleasurable. Besides helping in losing weight and keeping my heart healthy, walking also improves my mood instantly. Here is a list of my favorite places in Los Angeles for walking

Echo Park Lake

Echo Park Lake is one of my personal favorites. One round of this park constitutes nearly a mile or close to 2000 steps. The best part of walking in this park is the large numbers of lotus plants and their blooms that you can see while walking. Of course, you also get to see the ducks, geese, and turtles swimming in the lake as you walk in the park. This park is just a minute walk from downtown LA.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is perhaps the best beach in Los Angeles for avid walkers. Famous for its open-air gym called Muscle Beach, walking here in a loop is quite fun. You enjoy watching all the beachgoers as well as the skaters in the skateboard park. It is an experience unto itself looking at the beautiful graffiti done by artists on the graffiti walls. You can bring your dog along with you though it should be leashed. 

Lake Hollywood Reservoir

This is a real gem even for the walkers, as many don’t know the beautiful walking experience.… Click Here