Getting Cosmetic Surgery – My Hair Transplant Experience

Contrary to what most people think about baldness, losing hair can be a traumatic experience for any man, especially if it happens at a relatively young age. I was no exception and found it difficult to accept my receding hairline at the age of 35. I thought I was losing my charm among women, which was a rude jolt considering I am still a bachelor. Every time I looked in the mirror or took a selfie, my bald head reminded me that I was getting old. So I finally decided to give a try to a hair transplant. This is after a Placerville Dentist give me a whole new set of teeth.

After initial consultations where I was told about the procedure in detail, the doctor told me actual positions on my head where he would graft hair. He also spoke about the sedative that I would be given during the process. I remember swallowing a few tablets that he said were aimed at reducing my nervousness and anxiety. There was a painkiller among these tablets, which was a hint that the process would be a little bit painful. 

The clinic staff gave me a loose gown to wear, and they made me sit on a chair. A woman trimmed my hair using a trimmer, and someone inserted a drip in my hand. The doctor said that this drip would make it easy for him to administer any medication if it was needed. I was then taken to a bed where the transplant was to be carried out.… Click Here