Enjoying World-Renowned Restaurants

California, the Golden State, stretches along the west coast of the United States with world-famous cities like San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles housing the Hollywood. It is natural for California to boast some of the finest restaurants renowned worldwide because of its quality of food and service. California is referred to as the culinary capital of the country. Here is a list of the top 5 world-renowned restaurants in California. 

The French Laundry

If you are in California and craving for the best French cuisine in Napa Valley, ‘The French Laundry’ is the best restaurant for you. It is one of the very few restaurants around the world to have 3 Michelin Stars. It is set inside a stone cottage, and the menu changes daily. You will not find anyone ingredient being repeated in a meal. Food quality is excellent, and the eating experience is worth traveling a long distance. 


This is a very famous restaurant in San Francisco, where guests are not sure what they can expect in the menu upon arrival. It is again a 3 Michelin Stars restaurant where Chef Joshua Skenes decides what he is going to prepare for the guests on any given day. The restaurant is also famous for its high-quality wines and cocktails. The ambiance is very relaxed, and the restaurant is quite spacious.  

Trois Mec

Trois Mec is a very high-quality restaurant in Los Angeles with a seating arrangement for only 24 guests. You can experience the world-famous fine dining experience of LA here in a rather fun-filled manner. It has been made possible with the coming together of the restaurateurs with chef Ludo Levebvre. Meals in this restaurant are indeed sumptuous, and they begin with a variety of snacks served to the guests. The menu constantly changes in this restaurant, but you can rest assured of delicious food served in a classy manner. 

Atelier Crenn

Atelier Crenn is the brainchild of a French national named, Crenn. The restaurant bagged the prestigious Rising Star award from Elite Traveller in 2017. The restaurant has 2 Michelin stars, which means you will enjoy the taste of the food served here. Guests are offered a multi-course meal made using seasonal ingredients. The most popular dish served in this restaurant is Grain and Seed. Crenn has mastered the art of emotional cooking using local ingredients in a very French style. 


Benu is a very popular restaurant in San Francisco, where the owner and chef Corey Lee works his magic inside the kitchen. With a Korean ancestry, Lee can cook some of the most delectable meals with ordinary ingredients like egg, pork, oyster, carrots, and cucumber. The most famous dishes made by Lee are often inspired by Asian cuisine. Guests are seen waiting for the famous caviar and fried river eel made by Lee. The restaurant serves some of the highest quality wines and beers selected personally by sommelier Yoo Han. If you are in San Francisco, do not miss the chance to try out some soulful meals cooked by Lee in this restaurant. 

All restaurants mentioned in this blog serve excellent quality food to their customers. However, the setting and the experience make these restaurants so special for the restaurant-goers in California. When in California, you can also try exploring the beaches for great enjoyment.