Getting Cosmetic Surgery – My Hair Transplant Experience

Contrary to what most people think about baldness, losing hair can be a traumatic experience for any man, especially if it happens at a relatively young age. I was no exception and found it difficult to accept my receding hairline at the age of 35. I thought I was losing my charm among women, which was a rude jolt considering I am still a bachelor. Every time I looked in the mirror or took a selfie, my bald head reminded me that I was getting old. So I finally decided to give a try to a hair transplant. This is after a Placerville Dentist give me a whole new set of teeth.

After initial consultations where I was told about the procedure in detail, the doctor told me actual positions on my head where he would graft hair. He also spoke about the sedative that I would be given during the process. I remember swallowing a few tablets that he said were aimed at reducing my nervousness and anxiety. There was a painkiller among these tablets, which was a hint that the process would be a little bit painful. 

The clinic staff gave me a loose gown to wear, and they made me sit on a chair. A woman trimmed my hair using a trimmer, and someone inserted a drip in my hand. The doctor said that this drip would make it easy for him to administer any medication if it was needed. I was then taken to a bed where the transplant was to be carried out.

I saw that there were two monitors near the procedure bed. Staff said that they were meant to record my blood pressure and pulse. It is at this point the sedatives started to show their effect. I do not remember the actual sequence of events after this, but I am sure they injected a few needles in my scalp. I was later told that they injected a sedative into my scalp to prevent any pain. I think I passed out after that as I found myself taking lunch. I was given my favorite chow mien, but I now know they cleverly asked my favorite dish when I was under the influence of sedatives. After lunch, the doctor repeated the procedure in the same room. I was told that my scalp was being readied for hair, and hair follicles would be planted after some time. Then they wrapped my head with bandages, and I don’t remember what they did on my scalp. 

I was exhausted after the completion of the hair transplant procedure. My girlfriend picked me up from the clinic, and I spent the rest of the day sleeping in my home. The procedure was not painful because of all the sedatives and painkillers that were given to me. Whatever discomfort I had because of the needles vanished into thin air as soon as bandages were removed and I got a chance to see my image in the mirror. I had hair all over my scalp! Now I can do outdoor activities, like skiing, with confidence.