Question Guys can I flash stock rom on a POCO X3 Pro with a locked bootloader?

There’s also a 2-megapixel macro camera and a 2-megapixel depth sensor. You should now expect perfectly smooth performance in casual everyday use when you’re paying around Rs. 20,000 for a smartphone, and that’s what the Poco X3 Pro delivers. The hardware is more than enough to run all your social media and communication apps, plus casual games and productivity tools. I didn’t feel any slowdowns when switching between multiple heavy apps. As for videos, the primary sensor is capped to take 4K@30fps videos even though the processor does support 4K@60fps.

I can’t think of a single thing that has caused problems with the Poco X3 Pro day-to-day. Sure, MIUI does cull background app processes a little too often for the sake of battery longevity, but overall it’s snappy and smooth. Gaming is also a breeze with very little you can’t play at the highest graphical settings and fidelity. Xiaomi hit it right out of the park in the performance and display department.

  • In fact, Adreno 640 GPU along with faster UFS 3.1 storage is a deadly combination at this price.
  • It’s not going to go toe-to-toe against the likes of the Xiaomi Mi 11, but it will pack a punch that a modern-day mid-range smartphone still can’t quite achieve.
  • It also offers better power management, as it has a smaller node size.
  • Once again we will return to the Poco X3 NFC, because the design of the new Poco X3 Pro is almost identical.

One highlight is the Snapdragon 860 SoC, which is a bit outdated in terms of technology, but it offers above-average power by mid-range standards. The additional 119° wide-angle lens with an 8 MP resolution does its job as well as the main camera in terms of colors and contrast. However, pictures taken with the wide-angle camera visibly lack sharpness at the edges of the image. The lens quartet is topped off by a depth-of-field camera with 2 MP and a macro camera that is activated in the camera settings and then has a fixed focus of 4 cm. However, because it also only has a resolution of 2 MP, its use is quite limited.

  • The current lineup of Poco smartphones consists of only a few models, so it is not so difficult to understand it all.
  • Even if it does not reach the level of response of the flagships from Xiaomi, but it’s good enough.
  • The Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro has been used to listen to endless podcasts.
  • After unlock, Follow the below steps one by one carefully.
  • You can Upgrade or Downgrade Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro with a Stock ROM file.

The POCO X3 Pro misses out on very little when compared to mid-range smartphones that are near twice its price, and I’m excited to see what POCO comes out with next. MIUI still isn’t perfect, and it has its issues on the POCO X3 NFC just like it did on the Xiaomi Mi 11.

poco x3 pro is good or bad

As per promotional material, this ensures sustained peak performance. However, I noticed a considerable frame rate drop after 20 minutes of continuous gaming. Upon investigating it with the ‘CPU Throttling Test’ app, it turns out not all phones with ‘liquid-cooling’ are link download made equal. As per the tests, the X3 Pro’s CPU performance frequently dips below 60 percent after 15 minutes and drops to as low as 55 percent in a 30-minute test. For context, 2019’s Black Shark 2 – powered by the Snapdragon 855 SoC – barely goes below 92 percent of its max performance in the same test. I guess it’s safe to say the Poco X3 Pro’s Liquidcool Plus technology isn’t all that effective. The main camera takes decent pictures in daylight with reasonable detail and good dynamic range.