What Have I Learned After Building A Tree House Home?

After living in a rented home for nearly seven years, I decided to take the plunge and build a new home for my family. I knew it takes years of savings to be able to pay for the down payment. In my case, it was ten years of savings, to be precise. It is not to scare aspiring homeowners, but you need to sort out your finances before taking a step in this direction. I have learned important lessons after making a home for my family in California. 

Learn The Process Of Home Building 

No one has any experience of building a home when they are doing it for the first time. It was the same experience for me, and I made many mistakes during the tree home building exercise. We ended up building our home in Carlsbad and are started a tree service Carlsbad company. After building my home and living in it with my family for a few months, I can say that one should try to learn as much as possible before taking the plunge. There is a lot you can learn from the internet and your friends who have already gone through the process. It becomes quite easy to know the kind of hurdles you are likely to encounter and what to do to overcome them. 

Know When The Lender Releases Tranches

A loan for building a home from scratch is much different from a mortgage you get for buying a readymade home. I was told that the lender would release money in tranches based upon evaluating the home building process. You must have an idea of when the next tranche of money will be released by your lender to ensure that the contractor gets paid on time. It took me time to understand the technical terms involved with home building. But once I understood the intricacies involved, I got deeply involved with the construction process. 

Hire A Reliable And Honest Contractor

You need a contractor with a good reputation to build your dream home in California. Before finalizing the contractor, it is prudent to shortlist a few based upon their portfolio and popularity. Interview each of these contractors to judge them and decide who would be the best to work with. Choose the contractor who is courteous and gives ears to your suggestions. If the individual is popular but doesn’t answer your calls or emails, it is better to move on to the next available option. 

Plan As Much As You Can

I can now say in hindsight that planning in advance is crucial in translating your dreams into reality. You will have to make decisions on the spot when your home in getting constructed. If you have planned before the start of the process, it becomes easier to quickly make correct decisions. Plan and decide even on some simple things like cabinets and the countertop in your kitchen now, as you will get little time to think and decide about the material and designing when the stage arrives. 

In the end, reconcile to the fact that you will make a few mistakes here and there. But if you prepare in advance, chances of making such mistakes will be minimal.